AP Maintenance Ltd are the most trusted, reliable and professional commercial Maintenance provider in Berkshire.

Commercial Janitors

Environmental concerns and new technologies have taken commercial cleaning to a whole new level and our commercial janitors know exactly what they are doing.

There is much more to janitorial services than just a mopping and sweeping floors to keep your building clean, compliant and sustainable.

Outsourcing your janitorial services means you will not have to worry about these essential aspects or building maintenance and cleanliness.  AP Maintenance Ltd will take care of it so you can focus on your business.

Not only does it save you time, effort and resources, it also makes your business more efficient.

Expert Janitorial Services

Combining today’s technology with more than 10 years of commercial janitorial experience, we address all of your cleaning requirements.

Our full range of services are based on your individual needs and that of your business, whether it is just for one site or multiple sites.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our expertise and self managed service

Full range of cleaning services

Innovative & sustainable programs

We work within any industry

More efficient cleaning approaches

Stringent hiring & selection process

Powerful technology tools

Benefits of working with us include

Clean and healthy working environment

Personalised service solutions

Efficient & environmentally aware cleaning approaches

Management support & planning

Advanced safety & training programs

Enabling technologies

Safety First

Int he UK businesses spend a fortune every year on occupational injuries and illnesses, costs that come straight out of profits and are generally avoidable.

Safety should always come first.

It does not matter how clean or attractive your working environment is, it also needs to be a safe and healthy place.

You want a provider who has effective safety management systems already in place.

Regardless of your facility size, we provide a hands on and personal service.

We customise our janitorial services to meet the needs of your property management and requirements.

AP Maintenance Ltd works with commercial, institutional, landlords, property developers, office managements and industrial building owners.

Our expertise makes your life easier and our proven processes and well trained employees will help keep operations running smoothly.

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