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Re-active and Pro-active Repairs

Every business is unique and different and we respect and support all of our clients. Our mission is support our clients as much as we can to help their business thrive. One of the most effective ways that we manage this is by offering a re-active and pro-active repairs service.

However, with every business being different they all have differing requirements and some of our clients prefer to have us on call to react to any issues that they may have at any given time and pay on a job by job basis.

Some of our clients prefer to have monthly rolling contracts where we conduct regular checks and property maintenance but they always know how much they are paying each month for their peace of mind.

We leave the final decision to our clients but regardless of what type of contract they choose, AP Maintenance Ltd is always at the end of the phone when we are needed.

Why not call us so that we can discuss your business needs and how we can best serve you. Get in touch with AP Maintenance Ltd, Maidenheads leading Facilities Management and Maintenance Company and see exactly how we can help you.

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