AP Maintenance Ltd are the most trusted, reliable and professional commercial Maintenance provider in Berkshire.

Walls Maintenance and Repairs

AP Maintenance Ltd will take care of any wall issues that you may be experiencing in your business or your home. Our fully training wall specialists will know exactly how to fix your problem, regardless of what it is.

No matter what the issue is, make sure that you contact AP Maintenance Ltd first so that we can help you as fast as possible.

Drywall Services

If you are applying the final touches on a recent remodelling project or patching up some wear and tear, for AP Maintenance Ltd there is not drywall project that is too big or too small.

Dry Repairs and Finishing

AP Maintenance Ltd ensure that we provide the best services every time. We will carry out any drywall repairs and drywall finishing to get your home or commercial property looking great.

Cracks from Setting

Wear and Tear

Doorknob Holes

Moisture Damage

Kid Damage

Mice Damage

Throwing Darts Holes

Drywall Anchor Holes

Crown Molding Installation and Repair

Custom Shelving And Bookcases

Want an extra accent to your room or bespoke shelving for your office?

This is where storage meets style. The right shelves can really bring a room together.

Our experienced team can build and install a variety of shelving options that elevate any room in your house or office.

Custom Shelving


Floating Shelves

Customs Mantles

Crown Molding and Trim Painting

Picture Hanging

Hanging Heavy Duty Paintings

Fixing Mirrors Securely

Art Work


Animal Mounts

Wall Painting

Giving your room or offices a fresh coat of paint will give you that fresh feeling and calmness to your eyes and an inexpensive way to create a new look.

Our professional team pay attention to the details and can repair any and all wall imperfections as needed to obtain the high-quality paint finish you are after.

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